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Q:Who and what is the 'Corresponding Author'?

The Corresponding Author is the person who is responsible for the manuscript as it moves through the submission process. All correspondence pertaining to the manuscript will be sent to him/her via the system.

Q:To prevent the potential refusal of an assignment, can an editor determine the current workload of specific reviewers?

Yes. An Editor is able to view the number of assignments a Reviewer is currently working on.

Q:Is the order that the authors are listed of any significance?

The listing of the authors determines the order in which they would appear in the printed version of your manuscript.

Q:I serve as a Reviewer on several conferences. Why can't I login to this conference as a Reviewer?

Even though you serve as a Reviewer for other conferences, you may not be assigned a Reviewer Role on this publication. Click 'Contact Us' on the navigation bar at the top of the page if you would like to discuss this further with the editorial staff.

Q:How to create a Chairin account?

We have a detailed help instruction explaining account creation.>>Details

Q:How to apply a conference?

We have a detailed help instruction explaining how to apply.>>Details

Q:How to submit a paper?

We have a detailed help instruction explaining how to submit.>>Details

Q:How do I know which User Role to select on the Login Page?

If you're not sure which roles you have, contact the conference office. Below is a synopsis of the function each role performs.